Walk in the doors at Gold Medal Swim School and be greeted by a friendly Gold Medal Employee at the front desk. The front desk administrator will be able to answer general questions, registration, scheduling and billing. Once you are signed up and ready to go, head over to our retail desk where a happy Gold Medal Swim School Employee will check in you or your child with a colored wrist band that matches your teachers flag in the pool area. After your child checks in, follow the colorful fish on the floor to the pool, restrooms and changing area. While your child is swimming hang out in our climate controlled lobby and view our message boards, watch a movie in our playroom, use our free Wi-Fi, or watch your awesome swimmer in our viewing area of the students.

The air and pool temp is set at 89-90 year round.
The Dolphins on the ceiling are for acoustics.
Safety bench the length of the east and west of the pool. Stairs at the South end.
Islands are training equipment.
Flags are for competitive swimming. Prevents hitting the wall, while on your back.
Cameras in use for the safety of all.
White board at the North end for competitive teams.
Depth of the pool is an average of 3 11
Water quality and Ozone system

What is ozone?A water sanitizing system that....
Kills bacteria, viruses and protozoa
Eliminates pool odors
Reduces eye irritation
Makes for clearer water
Reduces chlorine smells

Don\'t forget to take advantage of our family friendly showers and changing area with lots of cubbies for your items! We also have a drinking fountain and convenient bathroom on deck to maintain a dry lobby :). No slips :) We have an awesome suit spinner: for customers use (only for grown-ups). Lastly, we provide hair dryers and products in the bins for the customers convenience and use. See you around the facility!!!!
Swim Lessons

(3 months to 3 years)

Starfish Level
(2+, All welcome)

Seahorse Level
(Starfish graduate)

Dolphin Level
(Seahorse graduate)

Seal Level
(Dolphin graduate)

Stingray Level
(Seal graduate)

Swim Team

Swim Team Level 1
(6+, Stingray graduate)

Swim Team Level 2
(Coaches approval)

Swim Team Level 3
(Coaches approval)

High School Prep
(Coaches approval)

Olympic Development
(Seal through Swim Team)

Adult Swim

(13+, all welcome)