The Gold Medal Swim School Meet Schedule is seasonal. Swim meets are held on certain Friday nights during the spring and fall and either Friday night or Saturday mornings during the summer. Please refer to the Swim Team Calendar for specific dates. Pre-registration is required by the Wednesday preceding the meet and available online, Swim Meet Entry Form  Please read our Swim Team Orientation page if you are new. Swimmers are limited to four events per meet.

Fall Meet Schedule 2017:
Meet #1: September 8, 2017
Meet #2: September 22, 2017
Meet #3: October 13, 2017
Meet #4: October 27, 2017

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Swim Lessons

(3 months to 3 years)

Starfish Level
(2+, All welcome)

Seahorse Level
(Starfish graduate)

Dolphin Level
(Seahorse graduate)

Seal Level
(Dolphin graduate)

Stingray Level
(Seal graduate)

Swim Team

Swim Team Level 1
(6+, Stingray graduate)

Swim Team Level 2
(Coaches approval)

Swim Team Level 3
(Coaches approval)

High School Prep
(Coaches approval)

Olympic Development
(Seal through Swim Team)

Adult Swim

(13+, all welcome)