Consistency in swimming is the BEST way to learn to swim and develop and maintain lifesaving swimming skills. The Gold Medal Swim School encourages year round swimming. We commit to swimming technique and water safety so we offer our “Unlimited Swim Month” program.

Unlimited Swim is year-round and any currently enrolled swimmer may participate in an unlimited number of like swimming lessons. Swim as many times per month as desired and watch as your swimmer rapidly progresses in water safety and skills. This program is offered as a perk to swimmers. We do add some additional staff to accommodate the swimmers. However, the openings are limited.

Here are the details:

  • Student must be perpetually enrolled to participate

  • Call after 8:30 am on the day you want to take an additional swim lesson. If there is space available in a class of the same level and type of class your child is enrolled, our Customer Service Staff will happily book your FREE swim lesson. We have classes scheduled throughout the day and evening to make finding a swim lesson easy. :

  • If you call before 8:30 am please leave a message. Staff will follow-up with same day phone messages prior to answering calls and will return those messages in the order in which they are received. Staff CANNOT hold classes if they are unable to reach customers while returning messages. Calls are taken in the order that they are received.

  • Customer must be present either on the phone or in person to confirm booking.

  • Students must be currently enrolled to participate, no exceptions, no sibling carryover. Students ARE encouraged to take extra classes in a lower level for fundamental skill mastery; however, swimmers are not allowed to take classes more advanced than the current level.

  • Limit one FREE swim lesson per student per day.

  • If you book a free swim lesson and do not attend, you will not be given another opportunity to participate in our “Unlimited Swim Lesson” program until the next Unlimited Swim Month

    ***Olympic Development, Private lessons, Semi Private lessons, Swim Team Levels 1,2, 3 and High School Prep are not included in this offer.

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  • Swim Lessons

    (3 months to 3 years)

    Starfish Level
    (2+, All welcome)

    Seahorse Level
    (Starfish graduate)

    Dolphin Level
    (Seahorse graduate)

    Seal Level
    (Dolphin graduate)

    Stingray Level
    (Seal graduate)

    Swim Team

    Swim Team Level 1
    (6+, Stingray graduate)

    Swim Team Level 2
    (Coaches approval)

    Swim Team Level 3
    (Coaches approval)

    High School Prep
    (Coaches approval)

    Olympic Development
    (Seal through Swim Team)

    Adult Swim

    (13+, all welcome)