2019 Policies and Procedures

We ask for common courtesy and respect among all clients when at the Gold Medal Swim School

  • ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: Annual registration fees are automatically charged in February for continuing students or upon registration for new or returning students. The fee is $30.00 for the first child, $10.00 for the second child, with a family maximum of $40.00. Registered students receive a FREE T-shirt or Swim Diaper.
  • REFERRALS: Refer a friend and earn a $21.50 account credit (per referred family) when they enroll.
  • DRESSING ROOM: Only place your belongings in a dressing room stall when your student is physically in the stall and ready to change. Do not leave your belongings unattended in a dressing room stall at any time.
  • SHOWERING: Please keep showers to a minimum. Swimsuits must remain on at all times.
  • VIDEO RECORDING: All swimming sessions are video recorded for quality control purposes. We occasionally take pictures and/or videos for promotional or informational purposes. Please let us know if this is a concern.
  • 2019 CLOSURES: January 1, March 15-16, April 21, May 27, July 2-4, August 30-31, September 1-2, October 29-31, November 28-30, December 22-25. We calculate tuition based on a calendar year average of four lessons per month. We do not prorate for closure dates nor offer makeups as they are calculated into the monthly average.
  • 2020 CLOSURES: January 1-2, March 31, April 1-2, 12, May 22-25, July 3-4, September 7-9, October 31, November 26, December 20-25.
  • CLASS ABSENCES: Class absences must be submitted before 9:00 AM on the day of the student’s perpetual class. Class Absence requests are only accepted through the Class Absence Request form on our website.
  • MAKEUPS: Makeups are valid for one calendar year from the date the class was missed. Students must be currently enrolled to schedule makeups. Makeups may be scheduled up to seven (7) days in advance and are subject to class availability. Makeup requests are accepted through the Makeup Request form on our website. Once a makeup is scheduled, it cannot be changed or rebooked as makeups hold no cash value. Summer Swim Team and Olympic Development are not eligible for makeups due to limited class space.
  • UNLIMITED SWIM: Our FREE Unlimited Swim program is offered year-round and provides students the opportunity to take additional classes at no extra charge, based on availability. In order to participate, students must be perpetually enrolled in Baby Swim, Learn to Swim, or Adult. Unlimited Swim requests are only accepted through the Unlimited Swim Request form on our website. Unlimited Swim requests are for same-day bookings only and may be submitted after 9:00 PM the night prior. Limit: One class per day.
  • INSTRUCTOR-IN-TRAINING CLASSES: Throughout the year, FREE Instructor-in-Training classes are offered to perpetually enrolled students. Instructor-in-Training classes allow our staff to gain valuable hands-on experience under the supervision of a manager. Gold Medal Swim School clients never pay for a class with an instructor who is still learning. Instructor-in-Training classes provide students an opportunity to swim in extra, free classes in addition to their regular lesson.
  • CANCELLATION: A two-week (two class periods) notice is required to withdraw from perpetual lessons. Cancellation requests are only accepted through the Cancellation Request form on our website.