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Swim Team III Coaches' approval

Class Description

Our swim team programming strives to impart a lifelong love of the water, as well as create a foundation for emotional and physical health through competitive swimming. Swim Team III focuses on proper training habits, team building, increasing self-confidence, and speed. Swimmers establish personal goals and look to achieve them with reinforcement of our Core Values and hard work.

Student Goals

Swimmers learn to execute strokes correctly and practice efficiently, rather than aimlessly swim back and forth. Uniquely, even at this high level, instructors actively work in the water with students to further refine stroke technique and create a playful environment, balancing the rigors of competitive swimming. While increasing yardage and endurance, the focus at this level continues to be on the quality of swimming. Swim distances are based on 50-yard increments.

Class Details and Prerequisites

  • Swim Team II graduate
  • 20:1 student to coach ratio
  • 60-minute class, 3 x per week