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Pushy Parents

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School and I want you to be a pushy parent just like me! People think that’s such a bad thing but it’s not! A pushy parent means that you’re pushing a concept, a value, towards your kid.

Think about what you’re pushing.

Are you pushing reinforcement?

Are you pushing attitude?

Are you pushing involvement?

Or, are you only pushing results, expectations, or some other auxiliary thing that really just puts more pressure on our kids? When we’re encouraging and “pushy” about acknowledging attitude, pride, determination, and a willingness to try- our kids will gravitate towards that. I see it all the time.

We talk about it with our staff. We tell our staff, “catch the kids doing it right”. We find that the kids gravitate towards high energy and excitement. We do it with a smile, we do it with some high fives, and we do it with facial expressions; that might be called a little pushy.

So, think about it next time that you’re being a pushy parent, what exactly are you pushing?