Swim Team
From Baby&Me to the Olympics

Baby&Me swimmers are learning the same skills that two-time Olympic Coach Mike Walker teaches in his Olympic Development class!! How cool is that?

The focus on our 5 Core Values of Safety, Relaxation, Air Regulation, Body Position, and Propulsion begins in Baby&Me and keeps on going in every level. These Core Values are interdependent, in each level they learn and apply the core values with the skill set required to complete each level. If a swimmer is not relaxed in the water, he will have a hard time regulating his air. If a swimmer is not relaxed and not regulating air properly, correct body position cannot be reached. Without relaxation, air regulation, and body position, trying to propel oneself through the water will be the opposite of what a successful swimming experience should be! We want to create a love for swimming that will last a lifetime, not a white-knuckle endurance test!

Our Core Values are emphasized at each level; the expectation of how well they are executed gets raised accordingly. A competitive swimmer’s start off the block is the same as your child‘s seated glide. Your child‘s surface bubbles on the wall lead to the air regulation used during a 100 yard race or survival situation in the middle of a lake or ocean. You are giving your child a gift that will last a lifetime!

Gold Medal Policies and Procedures

Progress Report Request

Gold Medal Swim School takes great care in the placement of each student within our program. Please take our Website Level Assessment or call us at (480) 961-SWIM (7946) for a telephone consultation with one of our booking managers or come by the school for a tour and orientation.

The information obtained from our telephone or in person consultation will ensure your child is placed in an appropriate class. We are open seven days a week and are always creating class times for your convenience.

Swim Lessons

(3 months to 3 years)

Starfish Level
(2+, All welcome)

Seahorse Level
(Starfish graduate)

Dolphin Level
(Seahorse graduate)

Seal Level
(Dolphin graduate)

Stingray Level
(Seal graduate)

Swim Team

Swim Team Level 1
(6+, Stingray graduate)

Swim Team Level 2
(Coaches approval)

Swim Team Level 3
(Coaches approval)

High School Prep
(Coaches approval)

Olympic Development
(Seal through Swim Team)

Adult Swim

(13+, all welcome)