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                Hi Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. Being a former swimmer, coach, and now the owner of the school, over the years, you develop what we might call “swimmerisms”. These are things that swimmers do to stay in the pool over time and really help them stay a little bit healthier.

                In the winter months, especially here in Arizona, kids have a higher frequency of what’s called Swimmer’s Ear or ear infections. A lot of parents think that is because of the cold weather, or because there is something wrong with the pool. Usually, it is because of the change of seasons. Essentially, the moisture gets trapped in our kids’ ear and as kids grow and develop their ear canals shrink and grow proportionately. With that said, at times their ear canals might get a little bit more narrow and moisture can get trapped in there leading to a potential infection. Now, I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but these swimmerisms, or ways that swimmers stay training and in the water, have a really easy over the counter solution to help reduce the amount of ear infections your child will have. Of course, if your child has propensity to bigger problems, consult with your doctor. However, you can go to any pharmacy and you will find a product called Swim Ear. All it is is rubbing alcohol with a speck of white vinegar. You drop it in the ear, drip, drip, drip. Stay there for 15 to 30 seconds and then turn to the other side. What this does is the water and the alcohol bond together and the alcohol then evaporates helping remove the moisture from the ear. It is really simple, so you should to do it all the time because any sort of water that gets trapped in there can lead to that.

                Swimmer’s Ear does not frequently occur in Arizona’s summer months because the sun dries out ears and reduces the moisture. However, in the winter when it gets a little cooler, it’s not quite as dry as it was, so we tend to have a higher chance of getting that. So keep your kids swimming, keep’em in the water, keep’em pain free and, if you find that your child has a propensity to get some sort of ear infection, give them some sort of an alcohol or Swim Ear product to try to help your kid feel safe and happy. I look forward to seeing you around the pool and I hope this swimmerism helps you and your family.