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Swimming Benefits: Mind and Body

Hi, Mike Walker from Gold Medal Swim School. A couple little pro tips here for you. I have been around swimming my entire life. I started swimming club when I was four years old, went all the way through collegiate level swimming, went on to coach at multiple Olympic Games. And you think about swimming, “Why is it different? Why are all these swimmers different?”

It is the sheer nature of the activity, the discipline it requires, both as part of a team and as an individual. You know you are following a black line down the pool. You have to have some amount of self-discipline. You are breathing cognitively. You are floating in the water, so you have to maintain balance and body position. You are using your right leg, your left leg, your right arm, your left arm, your whole body is engaged. At the same time your mind is engaged. No one can just aimlessly swim well. You have to have focus and commitment to improving at that craft.

Whether your swimmer is starting out in the introductory levels and they are learning it for the first time or they are on to a competitive-type of program, swimming is an amazing activity because of the multiple senses that are involved. It is connecting your mind to your body on so many different planes. It is one of things I love about it. There is nothing like swimming. And not only can this great activity that is working your body and your mind together, it can also save your life.

I really do look forward to seeing you around Gold Medal Swim School and never stop swimming!