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The Hi-Ya Moment

Hi Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. I want to talk about the “hi-ya” moment. The moment that you can build CONFIDENCE with your children. Kids gain confidence in two main ways. Some of it is innate, they wake up in the morning and they just know they are a certain way. They feel that they are taller than other kids, smarter than other kids, just something that they know about themselves.

The other way though is through positive experiences. This is what we really work on here at Gold Medal Swim School and I encourage you to do at home. It is to really celebrate the “hi-ya” moment. This is that moment that they GET IT. They do something just a little bit better than normal. They need to celebrate it, then let it fall into who they are and build that confidence.

Kids build confidence through successful experiences. When we successfully reward it, praise it, talk about it, and really get kids to feel that moment, we are helping them build confidence.

I’ll see you around the pool,