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The Importance of Continuing Swim Lessons

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. Fall is upon us. Trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving, it’s all coming up, as well as, the cold weather. You know, in Arizona, we get kind of a reprieve, but it still does get cold and it is very easy to think in our minds, “It’s time to take a break.” You know what, you have to fight the good fight and stay with it through the holidays. These are the moments that really make spring and summer swimming all that they can be. And you know I understand as a parent, it gets a little chilly outside, it is a little harder to bring’em, it gets dark earlier, but you know what, we are here to help you.

We are here to support winter swimming, because it really does make a big difference. Don’t let all those gains that happened in the summer disappear from taking a break in the fall. I cannot tell you how important that is to kids’ swimming. Remember, you can only get better at swimming when you are in the pool. We can talk to them, educate them and you can read books about it all you want, but you have to be in the pool to improve at swimming. And keeping that relaxation and comfort that they worked so hard to get, the fall is the time that really matters, so stick with it, I know it is a lot.

We do a couple things here at Gold Medal Swim School to ensure that wintertime sicknesses are at a minimum here. Our staff is scrubbing, cleaning and we really step up everything here that we do to make this place clean and reduced the amount of germs as much as possible, so we can keep those wintertime sicknesses away. Remember, we remind our staff frequently to make sure they wash their hands. They are taking care of themselves and staying healthy and we really do encourage that for you and your family too, so we can have an awesome fall here at the Gold Medal Swim School. As we look forward to a super summertime and spring swim season. Thanks a lot and I’ll see you around the pool.