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Graduation Skills

Baby Swim I

  • Sit, Listen, and Wait with Safe Entry
  • Relaxed Body during Sways
  • Recognition of Verbal Cue for Breath Control
  • Relaxed, Independent Bench Play
  • Assisted Seated Dive
  • Assisted Turnaround Submersion

Baby Swim II

  • Sit, Listen, and Wait with Safe Entry
  • Self-submersion on Wall with Breath Control
  • Bench Ring Retrieval
  • Five Second Assisted Back Float
  • Independent Seated Dive
  • Turnaround Submersion on Wall

Baby Swim III

  • Sit, Listen, and Wait with Safe Entry
  • Seated Dive with Five Second Glide
  • Glide to Underwater Ring Retrieval
  • Independent Back Float with Kicks
  • Independent Submersion with Release and Bubbles on Wall
  • Survival Turnaround Sequence
  • Roll-to-Back Safety Sequence

Note: Level III graduation skills are just a suggestion, students may move at any time between ages 2-3 to the Starfish Level, no graduation required.