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Disciplinary Policy

Our swim practices are a safe space for swimmers to develop and grow. It is important to us that each swimmer has a positive environment to learn, swim, and challenge themselves without other swimmers limiting their experience and opportunity. We do not allow any physical or verbal abuse of any kind toward coaches, staff, or other swimmers by a swimmer or parent. We have a no-bullying policy.

During practice, swimmers are expected to:

Listen and pay attention to the swim coach

Raise their hand and ask questions rather than shout out

Show respect to all teammates all of the time

Not touch or excessively splash other swimmers

If a swimmer feels that a teammate is interfering with any of the above items, please have them speak with their coach or have the coach call in the parents and speak to them immediately. All coaches will follow Gold Medal Swim School’s disciplinary action plan for all swimmers who fail to follow the swim team rules.

Disciplinary Action Plan:

First Offense -Swimmer will be given one warning

Second Offense -Swimmer will be asked to sit out of the pool for five minutes

Third Offense -Parents will be called into the pool arena and the student will be asked to leave practice. When the student is asked to leave, they will need to schedule a meeting with the General Manager or Owner of the School before the swimmer is allowed to return to practice

To further ensure the safety of all swimmers and coaches, all parents are expected to pick up their swimmers at the end of each practice and supervise them in the showers, changing area, lobby, and outside of the building. If a swimmer’s parent or guardian is not present at the time practice ends, their family account will be charged a $25 late fee.