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What to Bring to Swim Practice

On top of a swimsuit, towel, and goggles, your swimmer will need the following:

Water Bottle

During practice, your swimmers will be working out hard. A water bottle is recommended to maintain hydration during each practice.

Hair Tie and a Swim Cap

For hair that is longer than chin length, a hair tie and swim cap are highly recommended for visibility and speed.


Fins will be used in practice to help build strength, flexibility, and speed. They may be purchased at the Front Desk. All swimmers on our Swim Teams are required to have fins at practice.

Center-mounted Swimmers Snorkel

For outdoor swim teams, center-mounted swimmer’s snorkels are required. Snorkels help swimmers develop mouth breathing rather than nose breathing, improve body position, and allow swimmers to focus on other technical skills by reducing their need for air. Snorkels may be purchased at the Front Desk.

Swim Parka or similar jacket (Optional)

This is an optional piece of team gear that can be purchased through the Swim Team Shop administered by Ski Pro. Whether or not you purchase a branded parka, we recommend that your swimmer has something to wear before and after practice during Arizona’s chilly months.

Additional Outdoor swimming tips

Arizona is a diverse climate for year-round swimming—the summers are brutally hot and the winters can be chilly. Stay informed on what you need to prepare for those months of outdoor swimming by referencing our Tips for Successful Outdoor Swimming

We recommend that your swimmer brings a backup swimsuit, hair tie, swim cap, and goggles to each practice and meet in the event of equipment failure due to normal wear and tear. We sell branded Swim Team gear and bags in the Swim Team shop. Coaches are always available to provide recommendations or answer any questions about Swim Team gear.