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What to Expect During Your Swim Team Practice

Your safety and comfort is our number one priority! Swim Team practices are based upon our Core Values of Safety, Air Regulation, Relaxation, Body Position, and Propulsion. We believe in fostering a positive learning environment and our coaches focus on the concept of, "catching swimmers doing it right.”

Swimmers are expected to attend practices and swim workouts sets with the team while applying the technique they learned. This is a big change from the technique-driven and hands-on approach they were taught while in Learn to Swim lessons.

Higher expectations and intensity are added as distance increases for swimmers. Indoor swim team workouts begin with about 700 yards of swimming and build to 1,000 yards as the students progress. Outdoor programs ran from 1,500-3,000 yard workouts. Swimmers interested in moving quickly through the program and swimming on the club team should also attend Olympic Development and schedule quarterly goal-setting meetings with their coach.

Indoor Practices (Swim Team 1, Summer Swim Team Indoors)

Indoor Facility Details:

Indoor practices are held at Gold Medal Swim School. Our state-of-the-art, 25-yard pool is heated and utilizes the DELL Ozone system—the same sanitation system used to treat bottled water. We monitor the water treatment process and chemical levels every 60 minutes during lessons. All pool water is completely filtered every 90 minutes and replaced every six days to provide our instructors and clients with the safest and cleanest water in the Valley.

Our entire lobby and changing areas are also disinfected before each shift. Throughout each shift, you will see us sweeping, mopping, wiping down counters, and checking dressing room stalls. Every evening, the entire facility is sanitized by a professional cleaning service.

Before Practice:

Please check in at the Front Desk when you arrive for indoor practices to record your attendance and receive practice-specific directions. If you have not been to our swim school before, ask for a tour—we would love to show you around!

While in the lobby, check out one of the overhead monitors for up-to-date information and announcements from the Gold Medal Swim School management team and owner Mike Walker. Our friendly, lobby staff members are also always available to answer your questions!

After you check in, head to our family-friendly changing room and get ready to swim! We provide dressing stalls for your privacy, but please do not leave your belongings in a stall at any time. There are cubbies in the changing rooms and hooks adjacent to the shower area on deck to store your belongings during practice.

Once you are all ready, swimmers will line up in front of the pool door in the lobby and wait for the swim coach to let them in.

After Practice:

We have a large, family-friendly shower area to rinse off after your practice. If you would like, bring shampoo or body soap and enjoy a quick rinse . Swimsuits must remain on in the shower area.

Towel off and then proceed through the dressing room door to access our changing stalls and larger facility bathrooms.

Outdoor Practices (Swim Team 2 & 3, High School Prep, Summer Swim Team Outdoors)

Outdoor Facility Details:

Outdoor practices are held at Ahwatukee Community Center, Nozomi Aquatic Center, and Chandler High School. These facilities are 25-yard, competition pools with at least 6 lanes. All pools are heated during cool months and include diving blocks, digital clocks, showers and locker rooms, shade structures, and spectator areas. Practicing at these facilities provides great experience for swimmers looking to take the next steps in the sport as they are also used by the Gold Medal Swim Club and local high school teams.

Before Practice:

Swimmers are not expected to check in at the beginning of practice. Parents and guardians are welcome to stay and watch practices in the spectator areas of the pool facilities or drop their swimmers off and return at the end of practice. If dropping off, parents/guardians must wait with their swimmers until a coach arrives and opens the facility and be there to pick up their swimmers immediately when practice ends. During cold months, swimmers should have their towels and parkas readily available so they can get dry and warm as soon as possible!

After Practice:

After practice, swimmers are welcome to use the facility’s locker rooms and showers to quickly rinse off and change. Parents should arrive prior to the end of practice to ensure their swimmers are picked up on time. Coaches will wait with all swimmers until their parents and guardians arrive.