Sit, Listen, & Wait

You might notice in the video below, I’m sportin’ a little bit of the Michigan Blue as they head off to the Big

Join the Legends

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. You know, it’s 2019 Registration Shirt time. I always love the s

Nothing to Fear

Happy New Year! You know, it is an exciting time. Families can get together and talk about what they what to have h

Consistent Swimming Matters

Check it out. We’ve got water wheels – a lot of them. We’ve got balls. We’ve got buckets. We’ve got rings


Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. Let’s talk about triathlons. I often get asked for help from my

One Thing That Makes Us Different

Hi, it’s Mike from the Gold Medal Swim School. Do you know one of the things that makes us different and really g

Bridge the Gap

Hi everyone, it’s Mike. Make your kids do it. Yep, make them do it. It’s the end of summer and they are still t

Flip Turns – The Competitive Advantage

Hi everyone, it’s Mike from the Gold Medal Swim School! It’s summertime here and we’ve got a lot of swim raci

Swim Meet Tricks to Help Your Summer Go Swimmingly

Hi everyone, it’s Mike! Swim meets are happening and kids are getting super excited! Here are a couple of swim me

When Will My Child Be Ready to Move Up?

  Hi there, it’s Mike. I want to talk a little about swim team and how you know when it’s time for your c

How Do We Empower Your Children?

  Hi, it’s Mike! I want to talk a little about what it’s like when I am working with younger swimmers. I

Try Moments

  Hi guys, it’s Mike. As you know, the Olympics are upon us. Every four years the countries of the world co

How Do Strong Swimmers Relate to the Water?

Hi everyone, it’s Mike from Gold Medal Swim School. I have been thinking lately about how swimmers play in the wa

Check out our goals for 2018!

1. FREE Unlimited Swim Lessons: 17,000 2. Survival Jumps: 1,500 3. Brand new beautiful and top of the line

Relaxation: Your child’s relationship with the water

Hi, Mike Walker from Gold Medal Swim School. I’ve been watching our teachers lately and I am so excited to see th

Why We Need To Parent First When Talking With Our Young Athletes

Hi there, Mike Walker here from Gold Medal Swim School. You know I’m an owner of a swim school, a former coach, a

Confidence: A Key Building Block to Competitive Swimming

Hi, Mike Walker here from Gold Medal Swim School. This month I would like to talk about what we as parents, coaches

Position is everything: Swim to Success with Better Body Position

Today I’d like to talk about body position, one of the five Core Values here at Gold Medal Swim School. What do w

3 Reasons Why We Teach Underwater

Today, I would like to talk about something we do here that is unique and different in the swim school industry. Th

The Secret to Coaching Up

When we think about how we teach, encourage, and coach people up, the attention is usually put on the areas which n

3 Tips to Improve Your KICK!

Hi, Mike Walker from the Gold Medal Swim School. I am excited to talk today about kicking. Everyone knows the basic

The Life Saver and Speedy Swimmer Back Float

Back floating is a foundation that can, not only save your child’s life, but can also make the difference between

“Going fast’ and ‘going slow,’ Friends or Foe”

I would like to talk to you about the idea that going slow can actually make you go faster. Are ‘going fast’ a

The Key to Great Swimming: Air Regulation!

One thing that makes me excited about our program and what truly separates us from the industry is our five Core Va

Turning Tables, let your swimmer coach YOU!

I am excited to talk about allowing and encouraging our swimmers to teach us, instead of us, as coaches, drilling i


In 2003, I watched one of my athletes struggle with finishing her races as she prepared for the Sydney Olympic Game

Why High Performance Athletes Use Singular Focus and You Should Too!

Our culture values getting more and more things done, as fast as possible. However, quality can often get overlooke

3 Tips on How to Achieve Your Olympic Dreams Starting Today

The Olympic Games have a way of making us all DREAM BIG. The excitement, energy, and emotion that comes with compet

Going for the Gold

With the 2016 Olympic Games and summer coming to a close, I've been inspired to share with you how we "go for g

Why We Love The Turnaround Jump (And You Should, Too!)

I love the way we teach survival swimming here at the Gold Medal Swim School. We use a three-part approach which