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Welcome to Gold Medal Swim Team!

Welcome to the Gold Medal Swim Team family. Gold Medal Swim School is committed to providing you and your swimmers with the highest quality swimming experience in our state-of-the-art indoor facility and competition-sized outdoor pools.

Let us start by saying, “Thank you.” Thank you for giving us the opportunity to further develop your swimmer’s technique, increase their overall fitness level, and share our love of swimming. From the highest safety protocols to detailed progress reports, unparalleled facility cleanliness standards to our experienced and trained staff, we are focused on what is best for you and your swimmer’s progression. We are committed to helping swimmers of all ages and skill levels have the best swimming experience on your Swim Team. We welcome your questions, comments, thanks, feedback, and guidance. To show his commitment to you and your family, Gold Medal Swim School Owner Mike Walker is available day or night, by phone call or text, at (480) 287-4000 to help us better serve you.

We now invite you to dive into the information on the following pages and really allow it to soak in! In this Welcome Packet, you will learn what makes the Gold Medal Swim Team so special and what sets us apart from all other swim schools in the industry. You will learn about our staff, Swim Team curriculum, Core Values, Swim Meets, Start Clinics, and what makes us- us. However, the most important thing that made us who we are is people like you. We have grown to what we are today because of the commitment, feedback, questions, and suggestions from parents and swimmers. Call us, email us, text us, and ask us all your questions. Let us know how we can continue to improve your Gold Medal Swim Team experience and continue to share the joy of swimming!