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One Thing That Makes Us Different

Hi, it’s Mike from the Gold Medal Swim School. Do you know one of the things that makes us different and really gives your child the best chance for swimming success, whether it be in a survival situation or in a competitive situation? It’s that we value relaxation before skill acquisition.

What does that mean? It’s the idea that we learn skills quicker when we are relaxed. Common sense, right? We don’t force your child to do things. Instead, we get them excited about wanting to do the right thing. Relaxation is the benchmark, it is the very thing that holds all the skills together. So, we are keenly aware that your child remains relaxed as we add more skills.

In competitive swimming situations, you see it all the time at the Olympics, they look like they are not trying. It’s amazing to watch a child progress through swimming when we are simply paying attention to how relaxed they are. Yes, we want to challenge skills. Yes, we want them to improve every day. However, what holds it all together is that they remain relaxed and have a little fun at the same time. I’ll see you around the pool.